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  Recently,global warming has become a hot topic amon全球变暖英语作文带翻译g people. It results from serious airpollution. As the environmental pollution is more and more strict, thetemperature of all the world has dramatic increased. Gradually, some disastersuch as drought, floodandGlaciers Melting follow. How terrible it is! Therefore,we need to protect our earth and fight against the disaster together.We shouldstart from the trivial side. Making contribution to protecting our home.


  Many people believe that human activity is causing the earth’s temperature to rise. They say that this global warming will have dreadful consequences for our environment, such as drought and flooding.


  What should governments do to help prevent global warming? Give reasons for your suggestions.


  The earth’s temperature is rapidly changing. As a result there has been a lot of climate change such as heat waves, droughts and floods. Scientists believe that this is the result of human activity, which is polluting the Earth’s atmosphere. This could become a disaster if governments do not act to help prevent global warming. They can act in three ways; by supporting research, by making laws and by keeping the general public informed.


  Firstly, governments can support research. For example, they should encourage companies to develop vehicles that cause less pollution. They should also support alternative sources of electricity from wind and water rather than from oil and coal. As well, they should sponsor conferences to discuss the effects of greenhouse gas emissions and possible solutions to the problem.


  Secondly, they should make laws that limit the amount of greenhouse gases that companies can emit. Private companies should be rewarded for following these laws. They should also be punished for creating pollution.


  Finally, everybody is affected by global warming. Therefore, it is important that governments involve individuals in the problem solving process. For example they should encourage households to save as much energy as possible by using more efficient light bulbs or less hot water. They should also encourage the public to recycle, and this should be compulsory for everyone. Another way of saving energy is by public transport systems. Governments should spend money on public transport to make it as easy as possible for the public to save energy.


  In summary, it is clear that there are a lot of things that governments can do to prevent global warming. They should involve companies, support scientists and encourage individuals to protect the planet.


  People around the world may feel that the climate has been getting steadily warmer and warmer in recent years. Places which used to be abundant in snowfall have frequently experienced snowfree(无雪的) winters. Drought lasts longer in some dry areas. People find that without air conditioners they could hardly work or fall asleep on hotter summer daysg.

  The side effects of global warming are alarminS. A warmer global climate melts the ice caps, raising sea levels. What is more, it disturbs weather patterns, causing droughts, severe storms, hurricanes (飓风). People suffer a lot from disasters relevant to global warming.

  To stop global warming we should make immediate and continual efforts. We hope the situation will soon change. Global warming catches and holds our concern, for it affects us and will affect our later generations. We cannot wait any longer. Do it right now.




  I often see on television, network is now the holes of the earth has been destroyed by human, if we are in different heart to protect it, the destruction of the earth will be completely in the near future. Faster and faster, with the development of human science and technology science and the negative effect gradually manifested, then let me give you a few examples to illustrate why experts predicted that the earth will be gone after so many years.

  First of all, global warming is one example, soak in the hot weather in summer air conditioning becomes a new "hobby", but what do people ever thought of air conditioning can bring negative effect? Gas air conditioning to contain large amounts of methane, to the outside is the leading cause of global warming gases, methane and air conditioning will waste a lot of electricity, so try to avoid using the air conditioning or appropriate use.

  Another reason is that carbon dioxide, automobile exhaust and factory waste gas containing a large amount of carbon dioxide, and carbon dioxide are most likely to lead to global warming. Cars now, too much exhaust serious affect our nong cough, throat inflammation... . According to concerning sectional statistic Chinas per capita emissions of carbon dioxide emissions every year 2. 51 tons a year! The changes in the harsh environment around us.

  More important reason is that: reduce forest, farmland, water damage and serious water pollution, fresh water supply is a problem, many parts of the draft has become a big problem. Now countries are massive effort, demanding, and costs "of the south-north water diversion project".

  In order to save the planet, people all over the world should be: dont open air conditioning, use recycled environmental protection bags, dont use plastic bags, take the bus, dont throw waste batteries... Such as the dribs and drabs in life. In fact, environmental protection is not difficult, as long as you support is the best gift you give earth environmental protection, take action, this is a powerful force!














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